05.07 2017

Monika Gomez del Campo Bacardi, Lady of Bayfield Hall

Image Monika Gomez del Campo Bacardi, Lady of Bayfield Hall

Each and every year, Monika Bacardi tries to complete between eight and ten motion pictures. These range from in-house to third-party productions and are achieved courtesy of the AMBI Group. A few years ago Lady Bacardi acquired the renowned 'PHOTO' magazine, which has been operational since 1967. Monika Bacardi's working life centres upon running 'PHOTO' magazine and AMBI Group.

Monika's Biography, Passions and Personal History

A deep love for art and philanthropy inspired her desire to study literature and arts in her country of birth, Italy. Monika Bacardi is involved in many non-profit organisations and charitable organisations, due to her willingness to help people. Her co-purchase of 'PHOTO' Magazine in the year 2014 advanced Monika Bacardi's participation in the arts world. The AMBI group, a cinematographic company based in Europe, was set up by her in 2013 due to her love of film.

Monika Bacardi's Passions: Art and 7th Art

"The Seventh Art" (Cinema) is one of her passions. This, along with a desire to help young filmmakers, is one of the justifications for her having founded AMBI Pictures. Keen to contribute to the art of cinema around the world, AMBI Pictures makes commercially viable films for a global audience. Monika Bacardi supports the University of Plastic Arts, that has established artistic partnerships in Monaco. Her support of the Monaco Project for the Arts helps bring about this aim.

Charity Movements in which Monika Bacardi is Involved

Charity movements are areas in which Monika Bacardi is actively engaged in the Principality. Lady Bacardi has had a lifelong consideration for mankind, which motivates her beneficent pursuits. Mission Enfance, which gives educational support to children in need, is a charitable entity in which she passionately believes. Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research is a cancer-related charitable organisation that Monika Bacardi aids, as well as Fondation AVEC and Ecoute Cancer R├ęconfort.

Monika Bacardi & the SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco's Foundation

Working to protect the natural environment and publicising maintainable development worldwide are things that the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation strives to address. Monika Bacardi heightens consciousness of the consequences of people's activities on our environment via the foundation. Monika Bacardi has participated in various undertakings with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

Monika Bacardi has revealed an extraordinary business talent following the 2005 passing of her husband, who ran the Bacardi business for 40 years. She is a very busy woman, having become a part of many philanthropic activities. She contributes to oceanographic research and supports multiple charities, such as "amfAR" (Making AIDS History Association), "Fondation AVEC" along with the Monaco Red Cross. Monika Bacardi is fluent in French, German, English, Italian and Spanish and is reckoned to be one of the most influential businesswomen in the Arts world.