05.07 2017

Charles Rosier, London UK | Partner at BTG Pactual

Image Charles Rosier, London UK | Partner at BTG Pactual

Charles Rosier invested capital in the company, which allowed them to do research and give him specific profit-share. Baulieu and his co-workers found it challenging to develop a new drug due to lack of budget, which he addressed. Because of the capital he provided, the study on depression, strokes and other serious ailments was conducted at Mapreg, a Paris-based laboratory.

Positions Charles Rosier Held

Charles Rosier worked at SBC Warburg as their Debt Capital Manager from 1997-2009. He also worked at Lehman Brothers where he began his career as an investment banker. At BTG Pactual, Charles Rosier imposed five major principles which he knows would be helpful for the business. (Meritocracy and Partnership, World-Class Governance, Customer Focus, Global Thinking Presence and Long Term View). GMS or Goldman Sachs is one of the best-known investment banks around the world. He focused on public-asset management as their Managing Director.

Educational Achievements of Charles Rosier

He held several positions within the same sector and is now known as an experienced investment banker, particularly in large organisations. Charles Rosier spent two years of extra study in preparation for additional French requirements. Charles Rosier finally gained his degree from ESCP Europe, which opened the path to his initial job.

Showing his great appreciation for culture and music, he supported a famous French female musician. In 2006, Charles Rosier supported a film produced by a popular Italian screenwriter and director, which won a Silver Lion award at the Venice film festival. For Charles Rosier, culture and music are incomparable. This is highly obvious in the way he gives support to singers and movies.

Charles Rosier is devoted to helping the environment by developing energy and power sectors in poor countries. Carbon dioxide emissions can greatly pollute the air and Innoveox tries hard to minimise this through awareness campaigns concerning the effective use of resources and pollution-free environment programmes. Charles Rosier helps to promote a pollution-free environment by working hand-in-hand with a French company known as Innoveox.